Bauer Custom Tongue Models

Bauer - Reactor 9000 Goal Skate

Reactor 9000 Goal Skate

Supreme 1S Goal Skate

Supreme 1S Goal Skate

Bauer - Nexus 1N Skate

Nexus 1N Skate

Bauer - Vapor 1X Skate

Vapor 1X Skate


Bauer - Supreme 1S Skate

Supreme 1S Skate

 Tongue models for TSE custom skate orders can be viewed below.  Please note…..these Custom Tongue Models are not for sale as replacements or for repairs at this time.  These pictures are for assisting in proper tongue selection when ordering new custom skates through The Skaters Edge.

1x Retail 1x Pro Stock
tongue1 tongue2 tongue3 tongue4

1x Pro Stock Molded MX3 Standard
tongue8 tongue9 3tongue mx std01 3tongue mx std02

MX3 190 Standard 1s Retail
3tongue mx 190 felt01 3tongue mx 190 felt02 3tongue 1S Retail01 3tongue 1S Retail02


1s pro Stock Felt Nexus 7000 Standard Felt
tongue21 3tongue 1S Pro Stk Flt02 3tongue26 3tongue 1S Pro Stk Flt02

Nexus 1N Retail ONE 95 Felt
3tongue28 3tongue29 3tongue30 3tongue31

ONE 95 Standard Molded APX Standard
One9501 One9502 3tongue33 3tongue34

APX Felt Supreme Felt
3tongue36 3tongue37 3tongue38 3tongue39

Supreme Double Felt Supreme Molded
3tongue40 3tongue41 3tongue42 3tongue43

Supreme Bobby Clarke 7.0 Standard
3tongue44 3tongue45 3tongue48 3tongue47

7.0 Felt Goal NXG T1 Standard Felt
3tongue49 3tongue50 3tongue51 3tongue52

Supreme 1s Standard Felt REACTOR 7000 Standard Felt
3tongue54 3tongue55 3tongue56 3tongue57

REACTOR 9000 Standard Felt  
3tongue58 3tongue59